Hire Power Live is the most robust and comprehensive training available for recruiting, interviewing, and hiring in the building products industry.


If you're responsible for building a high-performing and profitable team - this is the training you've been looking for.

If you're experiencing this:

Not enough quality applicants to choose from

Frequent turnover in first 90 days for hourly or 12 months for salaried positions
Settling for the "best" that applied because you need to fill the position
Disappointment in your new hire's performance


Hire Power Live Includes:

3 - 1/2 day foundational training sessions so you can start improving your results ASAP
Monthly Lunch + Learns - these 60-minute trainings are a deeper dive into the concepts of Hire Power and what's working now in recruiting, interviewing, and hiring.
A copy of Rikka's Book - Hire Power - Everything Lumber and Building Materials Need To Know To Hire Better In Any Market.


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After you've gone through Hire Power Live you will no longer feel  like your hiring success is dependent on "luck"

You'll Understand:

What levers you need to push to get more candidates so you can hire with confidence.

What you need to do in the hiring process to avoid having candidates pull themselves out or accept counteroffers.

When you're confident you can find more people and hire with confidence you'll be amazed at how much less time you spend managing.


Learning how to get hiring right the first time is one of the best things you can do for yourself.


Clarity + Reality

The foundation
of successful

Learn the foundation of successful hires and stop making hiring mistakes.

Get clear about what your business really needs and the best way to get it done.

Learn how to Get Clear, Get Real, and Get Results

Attract + Recruit

No qualified candidates for your openings?
Not anymore.

Attract & Recruit gives you the step-by-step system to attract more qualified people so you can hire the right people & build better teams.

You’ll be supported in a bigger way, so you can work on your business, while the right people are working in your business.

Interview Like a Pro

Choosing the one that will hit the ground running and add to the bottom line

Now that you have several qualified people to choose from; we need to make sure we choose the one that can actually do the job and will fit in with your team.

You’ll learn how to design a selection process that works, interview like a pro, and hire with confidence.


→ The Foundation of Great Hires

Everyone agrees - Hiring well is crucial to your business's growth and success. But, no one tells you how to actually do it. Sure, there are blog posts and podcasts that touch on it, but most people just get more confused about what they really need to do to succeed. So, I created a step-by-step process to take you from confusion to clarity.

→ Reality Checks

It’s easy to start to think you need a LOT more horsepower than you really do (or can actually support), so I developed some Reality Checks to help you make sure you are hiring for what you really need and can afford.

→ A System You Can Use Now + Forever to Hire Better

Every entrepreneur & business are unique. As your business grows your needs will evolve as well. Clarity & Reality grows with you. From hiring your first assistant to your first CEO Clarity & Reality is the framework you need to make great hires.

Examples, Templates, and Tools

Sometimes it’s nice to know what the “end result” looks like. So, we’ve stuffed tons of examples, templates, and tools into Clarity & Reality.

Insider Information

There is a lot you don’t know about hiring, like why it might make sense to pay a 50% temp agency mark up, or how to learn what jobs similar to yours pay, or the different ways you can build your team. Clarity & Reality is packed with insight and tools to help you make the best choice for you + your business.

There's always a deep and often expensive lesson I learn in the process of hiring for my business. Labor gone wrong will shrink your bottom line. Hiring done right will boost your profits. Clarity + Reality with Rikka was exactly the gut check I needed to evaluate the needs of the business I have TODAY. In one session I had answers and a clear plan of action to correct my hiring misfires. When it comes to helping businesses hire the right way.... Rikka is the real deal. Clarity + Reality is my get clear cure. Before every hire I consider, this is now my official go-to process!

Online Business + Accountability Coach | thebottomline.accountants

 The Foundation of Great Hires

Sometimes the fundamentals are actually FUN!  This is the foundation of attracting, finding, and connecting with your ideal hires.

  • You’ll learn the critical first step most companies miss - that drastically reduces their ability to find and connect with the right people.
  • A simple process to show you how and where to show up to attract + engage the best people for your opening.
  • Say goodbye to scarcity. There’s no need to settle when you learn how to harness the power of your ideal hire profile.

 Power Up Your Job Posting

Imagine an inbox with resume after resume of qualified people + being able to choose the best to interview - instead of anyone who is remotely qualified.

  • Learn the critical mistake most small businesses are making with their job postings.
  • Stop wasting money on the wrong job boards. Learn how + where to post your job to get the best results.
  • Learn the 4 crucial parts of a job posting that attracts and inspires the right people to apply.
  • Learn the 1 thing you MUST do to get the best possible results.

 Spend Less, Get More

Stop spending $300 or more on your job postings. Learn about the free or low-cost tools professional recruiters use to find great applicants. Stop spending hundreds or thousands of dollars per job opening.

This list alone is worth the cost of the course several times over!

  • How to post jobs for less than you think on Job Board Aggregators like Indeed.com
  • How to post jobs for free on LinkedIn - to your target audience.
  • Plus, over a dozen ways to get your opening in front of the right people for little to no cost.

 Stop Relying on Luck.  Take Control.

Sometimes Job Postings just aren't enough. Learn how to go beyond "Posting & Praying" and learn how to take control of your recruiting results by learning how to find and connect with the talent you want.

  • How to develop a recruiting strategy that will get you in front of your ideal hires.
  • My 3 Favorite FREE places to source (find) people online. Plus, video screencasts of how to use the platforms for free.
  • How to use Boolean Search Operators to drill down from the millions of profiles online to the ones you actually want to talk to.

 Get the Word Out

There are a million ways to get the word out about your job opening, but unless you know which ones actually work you are stuck wasting time (and money).

  • How to think outside of the box and get in front of your ideal hires in ways your competition hasn’t even thought of yet.
  • Should you be using Social Media to recruit? I answer that question + show you how to get started if the answer is YES!
  • I’ve included my Candidate Attraction Worksheet + Example to show you how easy it is to build a plan to consistently attract + engage the best people.
  • Tools and Resources that are available to businesses for little to no cost to help you find employees (the ones that aren’t looking and won’t see your job posting).

 Unlock the Power of Connection

Finding people with the experience you want is just the first step. Next, you need to start the conversation and spark a desire for them to learn more. You don't do this by being pushy or salesy, but by being complimentary and curious.

Once you've mastered this skill you will never settle for "good enough" candidates again.

  • Learn how to craft recruiting pitches that are complementary and curiosity-based.
  • Learn how proactive recruiting increases the quality of your applicants and radically decreases your competition.
  • How simple and easy direct recruiting really can be. You'll wish you'd started doing this years ago!
  • Just to make it even easier, I've included my Recruiting Conversations ebook. It is loaded with scripts and templates for any recruiting (or rejecting) situation. Copy and tweak to make them your own

→ Selection Process

How to develop a selection process that drastically reduces your hiring mistakes and stops smooth talkers cold.

  • You’ll learn the system I use + recommend, PLUS how to adapt it for your market, industry, and opportunity
  • How to stop wasting time on people who you’re never going to hire (or who aren’t going to accept your offer)
  • How to make sure they can actually do the work you need them to do - before you spend a dime on payroll.
  • How to effectively use pre-employment testing and assessments to set you and your new hire up for success.


Learn how to conduct interviews like a pro.

  • How to get the candidate to be truthful + real with you
  • Learn what questions to ask + when to ask them + how to ask them to get the info you need
  • The 2 simple ways you can supercharge your interviewing ability

Learn when it's good to go out of the box + when it's stupid.

  • Don’t dress like a chauffeur or act like you're the assistant. Unless you’re trying to show them you’re comfortable lying in your business. If you are comfortable lying, this isn’t the program for you.
  • Why reference checks are a waste of time,  Here’s a hint… if you’ve ever gotten a bad reference from someone your candidate gave you, your interview process failed.
  • My SELL Method for interviewing - Learn how smart entrepreneurs approach interviewing to sell their opportunity and screen for fit, even as they get their applicants excited about the opportunity.


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The current Hire Power Live sessin is currently in progress.   Join the wait list to be notified before the next session starts!