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A free live 90 Minute Masterclass for Multi 6-, 7-, and 8-Figure Entrepreneurs and Leaders,  who are ready to stop settling when they hire and learn how to get more qualified applicants for their job openings.

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12 PM - 1:30 PM CST
The session will be recorded if you are unable to attend live

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✓ Get enough qualified applicants for your openings??

✓ Find the energy, motivation, and enthusiasm you need to be optimistic that your next hire will work out?

✓ Figure out what the key steps you need to take to get different results and leapfrog your competitors to win in the war for talent?


✓ Say goodbye to scarcity. There’s no need to settle when you learn how to use The Talent Magnet Method.

✓ Learn the secret strategy professional recruiters use to get more qualified applicants for every opening. 

 ✓ You'll learn what to STOP doing so you can finally find, hire, and keep the people you need to achieve your dream.

✓ Stop dealing with unexpected turnover and learn the secret to hiring the long-term and high performing team members you need to power your business. 

If you said YES to any of these questions...

It's time to learn the exact strategies and tactics I teach high performance  entrepreneurs and leaders to empower them to finally solve their recruiting and retention challenges so they can hire with confidence-every time.

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Now is the time to focus on the future.

The talent shortage is only going to get worse and you've already spent months - or even years trying to crack the code on attracting top talent and getting them to say YES.

It’s time you take action and become a Talent Magnet, Market Leader and an Employer of Choice.

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Meet Rikka Brandon

Hey, I’m Rikka Brandon. I started Recruiting in 2001 and over the last 20 years I’ve made over 600 placements with a less than 1% replacement rate. I’m wired to recruit - I love the challenge of finding what motivates a person and getting them to the YES! 

I was born to be an entrepreneur - challenge, change, chaos and excitement. I live for it! ( I’m a bit of a freak of nature. I’ll admit it!) I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs move from 60+ hour work weeks to owning a profitable business ( that you actually like!) through people! 

I’m the go-to girl for growth- minded entrepreneurs and leaders who want to hire the right people to catapult their way to profit, legacy and freedom! 

Hiring is a four letter word to most entrepreneurs. I intend to change that. I’m here to make it easy. Knowing when to hire and HOW to hire can be the difference between success and failure. Joy and misery. 

Know better. Hire better. Every Time. Let’s do this.

Other fun facts! Rikka is:

✓ A best-selling author
✓ A return feature guest on media outlets like Huffington Post, CBS, Fast Company, NFIB and American Express's Open Forum
✓ The Recruiting and Retention expert for LBM Journal
 A frequent speaker at LBM and kitchen and bath Industry conferences and events on topics related to recruiting and retention
✓ She's a past Chair of the National Kitchen and Bath Association's National Leadership Recruitment Committee
 Host of the LBM Recruit + Retain Podcast
✓ Frequent contributor to trade publications and associations

Rikka is focused on results, she talks fast, cracks jokes, and really believes growing your business should be fun. It's this energy and enthusiasm that has made the industry as well as national media take notice. Rikka has been featured numerous times on Fast Company, American Express's Open Forum, the NFIB, and CBS.

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